Internal blogging or not, that's the decision...

In the organization for I work there are a rock-solid internal blog culture and one of its blogs is owned by our general manager.

In one of her posts (the last one, I think), she wrote about pit and pitfalls on public, internal corporate blogs.

She wrote "External (public) blog gives other possibilities as improve enterprise image but it becomes a limited content blog" (this is a free, non-exact translation from the Spanish original text).

So, I think I could say several things about this phrase.

If your corporate blog are public (for example, "Running a hospital" or "Life as a Healthcare CIO", you'll find it in my blog roll), I don't think you have limits to express yourself... the only one limit you have in public corporate blogs is to ensure that all of you write is fully aligned with corporate strategy.

There is another possibility, this is to become a anonym or pseudonym blog owner, not linked with your company, and you get writing all of you can think, knows and believe... and perhaps you would be not aligned... and, of course, this kind of blog isn't a corporate blog.

So, in a regulated healthcare sector, it's possible to get a wide access, public blog, but in a private enterprise is difficult to do it...

For our general manager, the right decision is to keep her internal blog as internal.

There are some competition executives with strange skills, like to read and guess about what are your weakness through public corporate blogs reading, as some people reads tea cup bottom... and sometimes they get right!