Heard in a train.

I'm a commuter.

I live 70 Km. from my office.

I spend about 3 hours daily to go to the office and come back to home.

Usually, I don't know people that are into the train. Sometimes, I meet some former colleagues, but not in a daily basis.

I have got a lot of time: I watch through the window (normally I see how the sun arises over the Mediterranean Sea), I read some free press, and some times, I sleep.

So, this isn't my wish, I heard people talk between them.

There are different themes of coverage:

Crisis, jobs (hired, fired, my boss, my colleague), holydays, and so on...

There are a specific group of women, they take same train as me, and talked a lot and loud: they capture my attention.


For the conversation theme, I guess they are nurses, and I think they are working in a radiotherapy department, perhaps they are related to stereotaxic surgery theatres.

Now, I'm working in a project for a comprehensive cancer centre, and certain words and terms are specific of.

And these women don’t work in the same centre where I'm doing this project.

They say a lot of things. And all are negative.

My boss this, or said, or didn't make, or... or not put in practice some security procedures.

This kind of talking, however, is grumpy for itself.

But, unfortunately, when she said "not put in practice some else", I have my doubts... Is there any health risk for workers or patients?

Well, this class of comments is harmful for the medical centre where they work, and makes public to be unsure about right security procedures.

And the answer to above question is "no". Procedures related to radiotherapy, radiology, or similar, are under continuous auditing by several government offices, and usually these kind of departments holds ISO approval.

I remember a business video I watched two years ago, Who Killed The Customer.

I think is the same thing, in health business.

For a casual listener, reputation of medical centre would be damaged, and if it is possible, we would choose another one than this.

Fortunately, they don't say where they work...

Sometimes is better to still quiet... and sleep!