I'm here!

Welcome to Maimónides's worries!!! This is a place you'll find my very personal point of view about Health IT, electronic gadgets, and others (I hope amazing, for you) interests.

There are a brother (or sister, does blog have gender?) blog of mine, named Inquietudes de Maimónides, written in spanish, with same level of coverage of my interests.

But "Maimónides's worries" will have in its own personality, that is, I want to write different content for the english blog.

It's better than to perform an exact translation of the spanish blog.

So, could you ask me, why not insert Google Translator gadget in blog's spanish version?

The answer is quite simple: Google Translator provide a good level of translation, but, in my spanish writing style, (people says me "baroque style") there are some phrases, some words makes Translator to fail.

And, for me, would be a great oportunity to practice english writing!

So, be patient... and have fun!!!